Animals Asia – Bear Bile Farming

More than 10,000 bears are kept on bile farms held within China. Along with this, official figures put the numbers suffering in Vietnam at about 1,000. These animals have bile extracted on a regular basis for use in both traditional medicine and in many ordinary household products. The bile is extracted using multiple painful techniques... Continue Reading →

Dolphin abandoned in Japan

In January 2018 a Japanese aquarium shut down, leaving a female bottle nose dolphin named Honey in a concrete small tank and also leaving around 48 penguins and hundreds of fish. Honey is a female bottlenose dolphin who was captured in 2005 near Taiji. These animals who have been abandoned are still being fed regularly,... Continue Reading →

The Belugas

* short post about captivity and Belugas. Soon to be born Beluga The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago has recently announced that Mauyak, one of their Beluga whales is pregnant with a calf which will be due late summer. Mauyak was taken from her family in the wild when she was 2 and has not seen... Continue Reading →

Iceland whaling season has ended.

Its offical the whaling season in iceland has ended. After 146 endangered fin whales have been killed not including 21+ unborn calfs killed when there mothers were shot with a explosive harpoon. During this 100 day time were the company Hvalure H/F could whale with their boats Hvalur 8 and Hvalur 9, there has been... Continue Reading →

Another win for the whales

Last week during IWC 67 ( international whaling comision) , Japan attempted to make comercial whale hunting leagle. They did this by presenting there evidence of which they have found from killing whales under the term research. Despite paying nations and insidious tactics the proposal to legalise whaling has once again failed by a vote... Continue Reading →

Cove Guardian denied entry to Taiji.

Each year, Sea Shepherd volunteers travel to Taiji, Japan to witness and document the capture of wild dolphins for slaughter or captivity. Disclaimer: there is a very small market for dolphin meat for consumption in Japan. Dolphin meat is highly toxic for humans and many Japanese people no longer consumer dolphin and whale meat. Some... Continue Reading →

Taiji, the Cove.

-------------------------------------------------------------- Taiji in Japan takes thousands of dolphins a year in to the Cove. Pods of dolphins are scared into the Cove and trapped. Trainers from places such as sea world then get the chance to choose what dolphins they want for captivity the rest of the pod will be killed. Many of these dolphins... Continue Reading →

The Japanese fleet return!

22nd of August 2018 From the news articles Japan today, ect The fleet of Japanese whaling ships caught 177 minke and Sei whales. During the three month tour of the North Western pacific. The three ship mission returned home as Tokyo prepares for its case to resume commercial whaling, at IWC international whaling commission in... Continue Reading →

Are sharks really dangerous ?

Things that kill humans every year .People think sharks kill humans and eat humans however you are more likely to be hit by lighting then you are to be killed by a shark. Only 5 deaths a year are caused by sharks. .you may think roller coasters and theme park rider are safe. But these... Continue Reading →

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