Iceland will begin whaling again !

The Icelandic Fisheries Minister has announced a new whaling quota, which will allow over 2000 Fin Whales and Minke Whales to be slaughtered over a 5 year period. Even though there is clear proof that Lofftsson's whaling is not making as much as whale watching ( in 2017 killing whales created 10.8 million in revenue... Continue Reading →

Taiji 2018/2019 season is over !

Officials have confirmed to dolphin project that on the 1st of March the dolphin drive season of 2018/2019 was over. For a total of six months pods have been chased, harassed, murdered, separated, captured and starved. All of the dolphins captured will be sent to marine parks across the world as the slaughtered dolphins meat... Continue Reading →

Taiji, the cove update 2019

BREAKING NEWS 2018/2019 Season is officially over. 28-02-19 - Blue cove 27-02-19 - Red cove A pod of pacific white sided dolphins has been netted of shore. 8 were captured, one of which died the over 7 have been taken for captivity 26-02-19 - Red cove • 32 striped dolphins have been slaughtered. 25-02-19 -... Continue Reading →

If we don’t protect them who will ?

The southern African countries of Namibia, Zimbabwe and south Africa hold 90%of africa's remaining black rhinos and white rhinos. Unfortunately over the last couple of years the numbers of poached rhinos is skyrocketing as more than 1000 were killed in one year in South Africa alone. Due to the high demand of rhino horn this... Continue Reading →

Dolphins are DYING to preform for you

*Some of these images may be seen as upsetting or disturbing * The pros and cons to captivity of wild animals. In my opinion there are very few, if any, marine animals that should be kept in captivity. my personal opinion from avoiding extinctions Facebook is ... Captivity is one of the many practices I... Continue Reading →

Born to be killed

One of the extreme kinds of trophy hunting is canned hunting, most of the innocent victims being killed are lions. These lions are born in captivity and will be taken away from their mothers within a couple of hours of being born to be used in zoos for people to hold and have pictures taken.... Continue Reading →

Dolphin slaughter in Peru

* Warning some viewers may find images upsetting and disturbing * It really surprises me how much cruelty really goes on, on this planet, cruelty many have not even heard of and therefore is not being stopped. Did you know Peru has one of the highest killings of dolphins each year? Did you know the... Continue Reading →

The first massacre of 2019

*** Warning some of these images may be seen as disturbing or upsetting *** Alough most of the world have moved into 2019, the Faroe islands remain in the dark ages, even the Japanese banger boats remained docked over holidays and new year. On the 1st of January the Faroes killed it's first pod of... Continue Reading →

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