Palm oil, the effects on our world.

Recently Iceland released their 2018 Christmas advert which highlights the impact of deforestation from palm oil and the impact this has orangutans, the advert has been banned by ASA. This advert has helped raise awareness that many foods and everyday items are responsible for deforestation and death to orangutans. Recently there has been an orangutan... Continue Reading →

Captivity kills !

It has been proven that animals in captivity suffer large amounts of stress and depression. This is for the entertainment of people. In many places on earth animals are captured from their Natural habitant and taken to be sold to Aquariums. These animals are taken away from there pod. Animals such as Orca whales and... Continue Reading →

Iceland whale agin !

Wednesday, the 8th of August 2018 Most countries stopped whaling a long time ago. However during June a man in Iceland was aloud to begin whaling agin in Icelandic waters. The company Hvalur H/F hunt fin whales and at the moment only have 2 boats as two were previously sunk in a sea shepherd campaign... Continue Reading →

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