Possible fox hunt.

22-12-18 Same area as last time. ( just outside of Beadnell) largest group of terrier men located near sea houses golf club, a bigger area seems to have been used this time. Possibly the Percy hunt. No evidence of any killing. We did arrive as they were packing up so there is no video of... Continue Reading →

The truth about trail hunting!

* All photos are my own The Hunting of deer hares and foxes using dogs in the UK is illegal. Prior 2005 there are two types of hunting. Traditional hunting which involves chasing and killing animals (this was banned 2004) and also drag hunting which was intended to mimic animal hunting however is classed as... Continue Reading →

Possible Fox Hunt.

24/11/18 Possible fox hunt encountered just outside of Beadnell. Reported to North East Hunt Monitors. While on our way to Seahouses we encountered terrier men who we filmed. After being spotted we continued on our journey when the huntsmen and hounds ran into us. No evidence of any foxes being killed. For more information on... Continue Reading →

Hunt Saboteurs – fox hunting

The 'sport' fox hunting was banned in the UK during 2005. Fox hounds where originally bread to hunt deer and hares. Fox hounds were not built to be speedy but due to their stamina they are able to kill the fox. They could cross breed these hounds with a faster dog such as a racing... Continue Reading →

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