Taiji 2018/2019 season is over !

Officials have confirmed to dolphin project that on the 1st of March the dolphin drive season of 2018/2019 was over. For a total of six months pods have been chased, harassed, murdered, separated, captured and starved. All of the dolphins captured will be sent to marine parks across the world as the slaughtered dolphins meat... Continue Reading →

Dolphins are DYING to preform for you

*Some of these images may be seen as upsetting or disturbing * The pros and cons to captivity of wild animals. In my opinion there are very few, if any, marine animals that should be kept in captivity. my personal opinion from avoiding extinctions Facebook is ... Captivity is one of the many practices I... Continue Reading →

The dark side to sea world.

Before reading on please remember that I fully agree with conservation work and some zoos/ sanctuary do great rescue and rehabitation work, however sometimes they have a dark side. Have you ever thought about were captive dolphins and orcas come from ? Well a lot of them come from the wild. Many from a place... Continue Reading →

Dolphin abandoned in Japan

In January 2018 a Japanese aquarium shut down, leaving a female bottle nose dolphin named Honey in a concrete small tank and also leaving around 48 penguins and hundreds of fish. Honey is a female bottlenose dolphin who was captured in 2005 near Taiji. These animals who have been abandoned are still being fed regularly,... Continue Reading →

Taiji, the Cove.

-------------------------------------------------------------- Taiji in Japan takes thousands of dolphins a year in to the Cove. Pods of dolphins are scared into the Cove and trapped. Trainers from places such as sea world then get the chance to choose what dolphins they want for captivity the rest of the pod will be killed. Many of these dolphins... Continue Reading →

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