Taiji 2018/2019 season is over !

Officials have confirmed to dolphin project that on the 1st of March the dolphin drive season of 2018/2019 was over. For a total of six months pods have been chased, harassed, murdered, separated, captured and starved.

All of the dolphins captured will be sent to marine parks across the world as the slaughtered dolphins meat hits the shelves of local grocery stores even though dolphin and whale meat is filled with high leaves or toxins and mercury. This meat is unfit for human consumption yet is still being sold.

During this season it is estimated 556 dolphins have been brutally slaughtered, and 241 dolphins have been taken captive to perform for human entertainment for what will be the rest of its life unless we can help them. It is also estimated that the young calves that were thrown back out to sea will have died however due to the killers not wanting the small bodys to go toward their death total they were driven out to sea were they would most likely die.

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The dolphins who were killed in the drives were the lucky ones, this might sound strange but would you want to be a slave in the entertainment industry were you will be starved, forced to perform, constantly hearing the whistling people and clapping people while you are left to go insane, you are seen as something replaceable, something to make profit from, this is the world we live in. Do you see it as fair to exploit animals for our own entertainment? please spread the word to the world of the dark side of the captivity business.

Every year these drives happen and every year it is because the captivity industry is still making money to buy new dolphins. 1 single marine park has killed over 100 dolphins, sea world has killed at least 49 orcas, at least 167 orcas have died in captivity not counting the 30 miscarried or stillborn calves.

Remember “A dolphin’s smile is the greatest deception. It creates the illusion that they’re always happy.”

I would like to say a huge thank you to every one / team who went out to document the capture and slaughter and help the world see what is really going on behind closed doors.

Thank You for reading this blog please spread the world of this awful practice and remember this will start again in 6 months. We will fight till the cruelty ends… Extinction is forever…

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