Fox hunting : A ban that needs enforced

The ‘sport’ fox hunting was banned in the UK during 2005. Trail Hunting mimics traditional hunting where fox scents are meant to be laid. Most of these scents will be laid in areas where foxes and hares are common and likely to be. People laying the trail are not allowed to tell the hunters, or anyone involved with the hunt. This means if the hounds follow a live scent, the hunt can claim they were not aware that it wasn’t the laid scent. Trail hunts rarely bother to lay a scent. Witnesses and Monitors believe only 3% of monitored hunts have been seen laying a scent however only 0.04% of claimed Trail Hunts have actually been seen laying a scent.

Trail hunting, a lie told by many hunts in attempt to cover up their own illegal acts. So then why would a trail be placed across a main road …

“The hunt strays too close to the busy A14 with some of hounds getting confused and running out into the dual carriageway.”

and across a train track …

” Six hunting hounds were hit and killed by a train when they ran on to tracks in the Devon countryside. A First Great Western train driver reported hitting the dogs near Ivybridge on Saturday. Organisers of the Dartmoor Hunt, which owned the dogs, said it was a “very distressing and regrettable” incident. “

These are only 2 cases of the hounds being harmed and being killed on hunts as hounds have also been seen being trampled on by the huntsmen on horses.

So then why are scents being laid across busy roads and active train tracks? They are not. The hunt most likely not even laying a sent. Even if they have laid a sent these hounds would still follow a live animal scent if they picked one up. It is also expensive to get enough of a certain scent (often fox urine) and many hunts go out 3 times a week, why would they bother when they can get away with it because know one is enforcing the law ?

Don’t be fooled when a hunt claim they are trail hunting, they most likely are not but that’s hard to prove and either way if the hounds go into cry and it’s a live animal, it will be chased by the pack until exhausted before being ripped to shreds.

If you ever see what you believe to be a hunt, it is important to be careful if you are wanting to stop and film. Most hunts do not like being filmed ( if they aren’t doing anything illegal why are they bothered?) therefore some can get very violent. Sabs and Monitors have been assaulted, harassed and even had car windows smashed in. Luckily some hunts don’t worry about being watched, meaning you are able to film from the side of the roads without trespassing …

video and pictures included of what is thought to be the Percy hunt :

Videos to watch – warning some videos may include strong language

Some of this information is a repeat from 2 previous posts however this post highlights some of the dangers of the hunts and also that it isn’t just people and foxes, it is also hares, deer, birds and even the hounds are horses involved. It isn’t the horses or hounds fault any of this is happening this is what they were trained to do but it isn’t needed. This is a blood sport not a family activity. we will fight until the cruelty ends …extinction is forever…

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