Dolphins are DYING to preform for you

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The pros and cons to captivity of wild animals.

In my opinion there are very few, if any, marine animals that should be kept in captivity. my personal opinion from avoiding extinctions Facebook is …

Captivity is one of the many practices I wish was over. I have never understood the concept of any one ever wanting to go and see a poor animal preform, an animal that was taken from their home, stolen from their family never to be seen again. How can any one be so blind to not see behind closed doors. I understand that we as a species were unaware of the suffering we were causing when originally capturing dolphins. However we are now fully awere of what damage we are doing. Some one using the excuse that the dolphins are already there makes no difference to me, by going YOU are supporting the capture and the slaughter, YOU are being fed the lies that marine parks are telling you. Yes I agree the rescue and rehabilitation work being done is amazing ! Just remember if YOU choose to buy a ticket you are supporting the dolphin drives. Is that what you want to do ? Is this really what we have become ? A species that is so developed we pretend these animals are not suffering look behind the doors and remember each and every pound, dollar, euro and cent going into these companies results in hundreds of deaths. Don’t think about your entertainment think about what you are doing and how you could help.

Firstly, I agree all zoos can educate people and bring people closer to animals, making people feel as if they need to protect them, this works well when they have enclosures built to fit their wants and needs. However, we can never know what an animal is thinking or feeling. One thing is these animals can’t hunt, a natural instinct is automatically taken away. A long with chemically treated water, imagine that burning your skin every day.

Alough many do great conservation work other zoos / theme parks are housing Orca whales and dolphins, these animals can swim hundreds of miles a day but in a concrete tank they can’t. Think about it this way these orcas are confined to a bath tub. It has been proven clapping and screaming ( coming from audiences) actually stresses the animals out, so for example having 5 shows a day with hundreds of people clapping and chearing, you can see how these animals are actually going insane.

Secondly, dolphin drives, one of the many reasons to avoid going to marine parks. In Taiji, Japan each year they have what is known as a dolphin drive. A dolphin drive is where a group of boats leave early in the morning looking for a pod of dolphins. When the hunters have spotted a pod it will be driven in using loud noises until it reaches a dead end. In Taiji this is known as The Cove. The Cove is where family’s are torn apart during the captive process ( where dolphins are classed as fit or unfit for captivity) the ones which are deemed as unfit are normally killed. They are the lucky dolphins. The group taken into captivity will be stuck in small pens made of net and wood, while being trained using dead fish, they are also pumped full of drugs to keep them ‘calm’. Then they will spend the rest of their lives in concrete tanks performing.

Thirdly, a dolphin’s life span in the wild can sometimes be up to 10x less in captivity. In 2015, an orca was discovered over 100 years old, compared to Sea World’s 15 year average life span you see the issue. This is due to 1. Not swimming as much as they need 2. Self inflicted injuries 3. Not being able to hunt 4. Stress. Imagine being torn away from your family then being able to hear their screams as they are brutally slaughtered.

Overall many zoos do amazing conservation work and educational programs however you also have many that are feeding you lies, if you want to go to a zoo you just need to be careful, any zoo with performing animals I would personally avoid, if you see a tiger cub wondering around a zoo attached to a chain, that poor baby only saw it’s mother for the first 4 hours of its life, once it is 4-7 years old it will most likely be shipped to be shot. Some zoos have their animals is cages with nothing in but litter others have large enclousures with things reperesnting their natural life, some have great programs and donate lots of money to improve conservation.

On the other hand marine parks are completely different, not a zoo of pros but all cons, marine parks are the reason why 2000+ dolphins can be slaughtered each year in Taiji.

An activist known as Ric O’ Barry was a dolphin trainer, he now has an organisation fighting against the captivity of whales and dolphins. Everyone has the oputunuty to change what they do. He has seen it all.


•Ric O’ Barry’s dolphin project.

•Operation 404 – sea shepherd

Edit : This week another orca dies at sea world at the age of 30. RIP Kayla.


Thankyou for reading this blog I am awere that most of this is about the cons however their is a lot less pros then cons and unfortunately all captivity has a negative result on animals however when we as a species have nearly wiped a species out it is our job to try and bring them back again and conserve the species we have left. We will fight till the cruelty ends… Extinction is forever…

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