Born to be killed

One of the extreme kinds of trophy hunting is canned hunting, most of the innocent victims being killed are lions. These lions are born in captivity and will be taken away from their mothers within a couple of hours of being born to be used in zoos for people to hold and have pictures taken. Once they reach a certain age they will be moved to a area where they will spend the rest of their lives behind bars in a caged compound until released into a larger compound for a ‘canned’ hunt.

This horrendous practice guarantees a kill as the animals can’t leave. The lion will then be shot. The animal has no way of escaping. It is supposedly very easy to get a hunting licence in south Africa meaning when many kill a lion in the wild they are shooting it and causing it an extremely painful death as they don’t die on the first shot, this is the same in canned hunting, it is even worse when a hunter chooses a bow and arrow.

At the trophy age of 4-7 the lions are deemed old enough to be sold of to a canned hunt. A male lion with a mane can cost £25,000 however a dark mane can go for £45,000 on a small amount of farms cubs are offered to be shot as well.

lions on over 200 farms are waiting for this to happen, they are being hand reared my humans and their mothers are nowhere to be seen. Over 6,000 animals are threatened with this fate yet south Africa only has a wild lion population of 1,200. Tourists attend these farms to see or touch a lion cub, not realising what they are actually supporting.

we are now aware that wild lions are being smuggled onto the farms to keep a diverse gene pool among the breeding pairs of lions on the farms. The lion is not the only victim suffering many other big cats, not indigenous to south Africa, are also used in the hunt.

I can’t see how even the stupidest people can see this as fun. What excuse can you bring to the table to say this is entertaining, I don’t see this as fun, I see this as cruelty. I don’t see captivity as fun, I see it as exploitation, I don’t see bile farming as essential , I see it as suffering. Thousands of animals die every year due to the cruel suffering humans put them through. We will fight till the cruelty ends… Extinction is forever …


Thank You for reading this blog post it is always important to be reminded of some of the awful things happening in this world and some of the horrendous things humans are putting animals through, including torture,abuse and suffering… We will fight until the cruelty is over… Extinction is forever…

If you know any one who might not be awere of this, share it and spread the word.

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