Dolphin slaughter in Peru

* Warning some viewers may find images upsetting and disturbing *

It really surprises me how much cruelty really goes on, on this planet, cruelty many have not even heard of and therefore is not being stopped.

Did you know Peru has one of the highest killings of dolphins each year? Did you know the number of dolphins killed in Peru is over 10,000 dolphins more than Taiji ?

Dolphin hunting in Peru has been banned for 22 years, yet 5,000 -15,000 dolphins are killed per year along with 1,000-2,000 believed to be for consumption. The quota for Taiji dolphin drive is 2040.

Information on the topic has been very hard to find. I am unaware if this is because there is not many people awere of this cruelty or if it is because no one has attempted to stop them and find out what the hunters aim is.

However the information I have been able to find states that even though the hunting of cetacean’s is illegal, local fishermen will continue to harpoon mainly dusky dolphins and use their flesh as shark bait. The hunters take advantage of the dolphins curious nature, once a dolphin is close enough they will ambush the dolphins before brutally killing it. After hitting the dolphin with a harpoon they will allow it to swim bleeding on the harpoon line, once exhausted the dolphin is pulled on the the boat and beaten to death.

Due to there being no punishment, fishermen can walk away free, unless a punishment is put in place this can’t be stopped. The flesh from the dolphin slaughter is then used to hunt sharks, a large amount are juvenile, this makes the dolphin slaughter a twofold enviromental crime as 5,000-15,000 dolphins are killed along with an unkowen amount of sharks.

Due to the lack of information on the slaughter I am unaware of the full extent of what really is going on. Some articles state that the dolphin meat is for consumption others believe it to be for sharks bait, either way thousands of dolphins ( and most likely sharks ) are being tortured and killed. All articles state 5,000-15,000 dolphins are slaughtered for shark bait. But is it true 1,000-2,000 Are also slaughterd for consumption. There could be 20,000 dolphins being killed yet there is no punishment and no challenge.

It is believed shark hunters and local fishermen use the flesh for catching sharks. What the issue seems to be is there is no large organisation making people awere or a attempting to stop the slaughter. If there is no one challenging them why would they stop?


Please look into this slaughter, I found 3 articles I felt were reliable however there is also supposed to be a documentary which was released last year. Unfortunately when searching for it I have so far not found any thing on the subject.


Thankyou for reading, please share and tell the world about this, it is important we find out the truth to what is happening.

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