A real life mermaids tail – Angela Banovic’s story.

Angela Banovic has very recently taken part in a protest with Justice for captives to help educate people about the lies which the captive industry continue feeding to their audience and show people what is really going on. Angela was arrested after this protest and is being charged with being a ‘public nuisance’ she now has a $783 fine to pay. Her story includes many diffrent campaigns and protests to try and end the cruelty of multiple practices.

* Picture of the team Angela was with – Justice for captives. Angela on the right wearing the campaign t-shirt.

*Angela being removed by police.

Angela has very kindly answered some questions for my blog, they show the work and effort that she puts in and how important these animals are.


How long have you been involved with Justice For Captives ?

I have been with Justice For Captives since the very beginning, right before our first disruption at Seaworld in February 2016.

How many times have you been to Taiji, and are you officaly banned or have you just been denied entry ?

I have been to Taiji Japan as a Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian twice, February 2014 and November and December 2015. I tried to re-enter Japan in August 2018 but was denied entry, interrogated for 5 hours and thrown into a cell for a further 20 hours before being deported back home to Australia. Before I was deported I asked the interrogating officer if I could return to Japan, he said that I could try to return to Japan but they couldn’t tell me if I would be allowed to enter the country. In other words, I would most likely be detained and interrogated and deported again.

What was the hardest thing about being in Taiji ?

The hardest thing about Taiji is watching the captive dolphins have their spirits and souls broken. The dolphins who are slaughtered on Red Cove days are the lucky ones. The dolphins stolen for a life of captivity will live a long and horrible life stuck in tiny concrete pools, force fed, drugged and forced to perform unnatural tricks for human entertainment. It was just heartbreaking to watch these intelligent beings being demeaned in that way. Watching them be starved so that they would be desperate for food and do as the trainers say.

When did you decide that you wanted to be apart of the campaign to end captivity?

I went to my very first anti-Taiji dolphin hunt protest in August 2013, the evening before the protest I watched the documentary The Cove and through my uncontrollable tears and shaking I decided right then and there that this was my purpose and I would do everything I could to fight for these innocent beings. I decided i would go to Taiji and I did a few months later. After I went to Taiji, it cemented everything for me and changed my life forever. Witnessing everything I witnessed truly made such an impact that I still feel today.
One thing i would have to say is that the dolphins in captivity in Taiji Japan (Taiji Whale Museum) are actually treated much better than the dolphins at Dolphin Marine Magic Coffs Harbour NSW Australia. Obviously these dolphins have witnessed their families slaughtered and are completely traumatised. I mean as in the facility itself. No captive facility could ever come close to the ocean.

Do you think there could be positives for Japan leaving the IWC ?

I believe that the Japanese government have their own plans and their own agenda for leaving the IWC. I have many speculations but obviously I don’t have any information. They have been whaling this whole time and I don’t see that stopping any time soon unfortunately.

Which organisations have you worked with or are working with currently?

I volunteer with many organisations and also join organisations for specific protests, actions and disruptions. I am an independent activist and always only speak on my own behalf and my own personal experiences.
Organisations I have volunteered for: Sea Shepherd, VIC Lamb Rescue, Lamb Care Australia, Justice for Captives, Empty The Tanks, Animal Rights Hawaii, Sydney Pig Save, Aussie Farms, Save Movement (have attended their events), Animal Liberation QLD, NSW and VIC and many more 🙂

If you could say one thing to every person in the world based on the work you have been doing, what would you say ?

If you are thinking of going to a show that involves animals, please remember that you get to go home after the show, the animals don’t. Please look those animals in the eye and see their true suffering, put yourself in their place and see if you would enjoy their life.


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Thankyou for reading my blog also a big thankyou to Angela for all the work she does and for answering my questions.



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