The first massacre of 2019

*** Warning some of these images may be seen as disturbing or upsetting ***

Alough most of the world have moved into 2019, the Faroe islands remain in the dark ages, even the Japanese banger boats remained docked over holidays and new year.

On the 1st of January the Faroes killed it’s first pod of the year. 70 lives were lost.

70 pilot whales were murdered in Tvoroyri. The last time this cruel practice took place on New Years Day was in 1943 when 121 pilot whales were killed in Torshavn.

The meat taken from the whales will be shared among residents in the villages of Tvoroyri, Hov, Porki and Sumba.

The whaling practice in the Faroes is done in a horrifying way. Once a pod of dolphins or small whales is spotted the community gathers on the beach as fishing boats drive them in to the bay.

The dolphins and whales are then dragged as far to the shore as posible while still being in water. From then on they are doomed, the residents on the beach will cut the heads of each of the dolphins and whales.

Any which were not beached or close enough to kill would then be killed. Dolphins and whales in pods do not leave members behind. There are many true stories of orcas nearly starving them selves because of carrying dead calfs around. The deafening sound of screaming comes from these innocent creatures as they are painfully killed, many with blunt blades making this torture more horrifying ( please be mindful in live streams this can be heard) .

The whales are then pulled fully out and counted before being shared among the people involved In this bloody massacre.

Whale meat and dolphin meat is mostly found with high levels are mercury, and therefore a lot is not fit for consumption however for many in the Faroes they love any kind of whale meat, yet they know it is not good for them and they could be slowly killing themselves.

You may be wondering why this is allowed to continue ? Well many organisations such as Sea Shepherd have had people arrested while trying to stop this practice, if an organisation tries to interfere they will most likely be arrested. Whaling is classed as a tradition in the Faroes. In my opinion not all traditions need to continue. How can any one get any sort of satisfaction from torturing an animal that shows so much emotion and so many feelings ?

Similar to the capture and slaughter of dolphins and small whales in Taiji, the sea can go from a beautiful blue to a relentless red.

I would like to say Thank you to everyone who has been out to document slaughters like this as I can imagine how difficult it must be to document the killing of whales and not be able to do anything.


Thankyou to everyone who read this post. If you want to help or learn more I really recommend looking at sea shepherds Grind campaign.

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