The dark side to sea world.

Before reading on please remember that I fully agree with conservation work and some zoos/ sanctuary do great rescue and rehabitation work, however sometimes they have a dark side.

Have you ever thought about were captive dolphins and orcas come from ? Well a lot of them come from the wild. Many from a place know as Taiji. In Taiji they do something called a dolphin drive were they leave early morning and go out to sea were they will hunt for pods of dolphins, small whales and porpoises. They scare the dolphins into ‘The Cove ‘, then some dolphins will be selected to be in a life of captivity others will be slaughterd for meat.

Do you know why people protest against dolphin and whale shows ? Activist all over the world want these to stop. Think about it being taken away from your family, watching your family die and then being forced to perform for dead fish. These things cause whales and dolphins to have heath problems. In the wild an orcas dorsal fin stands fully up. In captivity they fold, this can suggests a health problem and sometimes stress and depression. Yes many of these places might look after their animals but these individuals have been traumatised and are living a life trapped in the equivalent of a bath.

Last weekend a group of activists cancelled dolphin shows by getting into one of the pools which dolphins were being kept in, while trying to raise aweness of what these shows are causing and supporting, luckily people are waking up and the attendance to the shows is less then ever before. By buying a ticket to dolphin shows you are supporting the capture and slaughter of dolphins around the world. Seeing them in the wild is amazing and often cheaper, it is also natural and should not cause stress for them.

How about their life span ?

Along with this in the wild there is 1 reliable report of an orca hurting a human, however at sea world orcas have killed and injured trainers due to high levels of stress and confusion. Orcas should be able to swim up to 140 miles a day, but these tanks confine them from doing any thing natural. Finally orcas live in pods of 2+ individuals in many cases these are family’s and will stay together for life. However in captivity are forced to live a life with a different family which they may not want to be part of causing fights and injuries. Do you think this is fair ?

Luckily some countries have banned dolphin shows and people are slowly waking up. You are not asked to do things such as getting in dolphins tanks however activists do ask you raise aweness of What is really going on and the dark side the marine captivity.

Shows like circuses or any show with animls performing has a good chance to have suffering animals in, some abused, some starved and some captured from the wild. It is unfair to exploit animals in this way. Dolphins in the wild love coming up to boats. Dolphins and whales in captivity will sometimes show high levels of aggression for this reason people are no longer allowed in tanks with these animals.

It is important we spread awareness of what is going on. People who support these shows don’t see the bad side. It is believed many parks lie to make their parks look better by lying about life span and natural behaviour.

You may be wondering what we can do after these shows are no longer allowed? We need to build open ocean pens now not later, it is better late then never. 2 Belugas are lucky enough to have a open ocean pen being built for them now, all dolphins and whales need to be placed in these or sanctuaries as soon as possible so the rest of their lives, they can live happily. Open ocean pens are vital for us to see these animals go from depressed to allowing them to live happy.

Watch Black Fish and The Cove to learn more.


Thankyou for reading please share this and help show the problems that continue across the world.

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