Animals Asia: No Name Bear

At the end of October a female moon bear was rescued by Animals Asia from bear bile farming in Vietnam. All this bear knew was a small cage.

For 17 years No Name Bear had no one and nothing to live for. Her value was measured on the money she could bring to her owner and how much bile her abused body could produce, take away how much rice gruel she needed for survival.

However since she has been rescued by Animals Asia everything has changed. She is seen as a individual and now has been given her first name, Precious.

She is able to live a happy life at Animals Asia’s sanctuary in Vietnam recovering from her previous life of abuse.

Her health check showed a broken tooth, cracked, dry paws, from her never stepping on the grass before, a thickened gall bladder lining and her claws growing into her paws.

All of this can be healed at the sanctuary where she will finally walk on grass and socialize with other bears.

After 45 days of quarantine she will eventually be able to be introduced to other bears, when she is ready she will then have access to a large outdoor enclosure where she can be happy and free.

The rescue of precious resulted in the farm she was on being shut down and her owner will never be able to own bears again, therefore can not continue the cruel practice of bear bile farming.

Moon bears are listed as vulnerable by the IUCN and categorised as endangered by CITES.

10,000 bears are held on bear bile farms with in China, another 800 are held in Vietnam. Bear bile farming is illegal in Vietnam however because of the lack of sanctuaries for these bears owners were permitted to keep them. Now the government would like all bears off bear bile farms by 2022.

recious will now live happily and safe from harm where she can never be hurt again.

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Thankyou for reading this blog please consider looking into bear bile farming as it is a practice which continues harming thousands of bears.

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