Extinction is forever !

The vaquita

The vaquita is a species of porpoise endemic to the northern part of the Gulf of California.

It is believed that there are only 12 – 15 individual vaquitas remaining.

Conservation status – critically endangered ( population decreasing )

Mass – 43kg ( adult )

Scientific name – Phocoena Sinus

Height – up to 5ft

Vaquita are one of the rarest marine mammals on Earth and are on the edge of extinction, the vaquita was not discovered till 1958 and they are already critically endangered.

20 years ago there were 600 vaquita, in 2015 only 60 remained, in 2017, only 30 and in 2018 there is believed to be fewer than 15.

This porpoise is not believed to be suffering from the warmer water or pollution, the problem they face can be solved.

Threats to the vaquita –

The vaquita are often caught in Gill nets causing them to drown these nets are used for illegal fishing operations in marine protected areas such as the Gulf of California.

People ask why the bycatch issue can not be assessed ? The reason for this is the fish that is targeted ( Totoaba – also endangered) lives in the same area and is being poached for their swimbladder to be used in chinese soup.

The vaquita have a very high chance to die on our watch because we are letting people illegally fish resulting in them dying. After the numbers dropped in 1997 conservationists were aware of the issues however thought things would change sooner. If the vaquita go extinct it is our fault as we are not taking enough action quickly enough. Extinction is forever and we are going to loose this species faster then anyone would ever think, within the next year we could have no vaquita left. They need protected now, it’s better late than never.

The real question is are we going to save a species that we have let their numbers plummet or are we going to be the reason that they can’t live on ?

There are hundreds of Species that are in similar positions that we assume there problems are going to be fixed however many will be left to go extinct never to be seen again.

Extinction is forever.

Thank you for Reading to the end please share this and raise awareness that the vaquita are critically endangered and without the help of people this animal will never be seen again.

They are counting on you.

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