The truth about trail hunting!

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The Hunting of deer hares and foxes using dogs in the UK is illegal.

Prior 2005 there are two types of hunting.

Traditional hunting which involves chasing and killing animals (this was banned 2004) and also drag hunting which was intended to mimic animal hunting however is classed as a sport using foxhounds to search for a non animal scent layed by a drag on a string. This includes no chasing or Killing of wild animals.

After the ban was in place to stop traditional hunting, the hunters could have converted to Drag Hunting using the same types of hounds, however instead, they invented Trail Hunting.

Trail Hunting mimics traditional hunting where fox scents are meant to be layed. Most of these scents will be layed in areas where foxes and hares are common and likely to be. People laying the trail are not allowed to tell the hunters, or anyone involved with the hunt. This means if the hounds follow a live scent, the hunt can claim they were not aware that it wasn’t the layed scent.

A common question is –

If trail hunts are not trying to catch a fox why do the need terrier men to be there ?

Terrier men

Terrier Men will be seen at almost every hunt. Terrier men are contractors who follow the hunt on quad bikes and traditionally have Terrier dogs with them. In traditional hunts these dogs were sent underground to scare the foxes out from hiding. If they are not trying to hunt foxes and wild animals why are terrier men there / needed.

Trail hunts rarely bother to lay a scent. Witnesses and Monitors believe only 3% of monitored hunts have been seen laying a scent however only 0.04% of claimed Trail Hunts have actually been seen laying a scent.

Trail Hunting is most likely a cover up for illegal wild animal hunting.

Therefore trail hunting could actually be seen as illegal fox hunting especially if there is no proof of any scent having been laying and a fox, hair or deer is seen killed by a pack of hounds.

Many hunts do continue even where you least expect it.

Running into a posible hunt-


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