Dogs and Cats meat trade – China.

Warning some readers may find these images upsetting or disturbing.

Cats and dogs in China are abandoned on the streets many are dying as a result of illness or accident.

Government authorities organise brutal dog killing campaigns to try and reduce the population of stray dogs and cats. Pets such as cats and dogs are often snatched from the streets and from gardens and taken to a meat market.

They are then sold for human consumption and will die a slow violent death.

Animals Asia have investigated and found no large scale breeding facilities that would support the estimated 10 million dogs that are slaughtered for meat annually this supports the claims that these ‘ meat dogs’ are in fact pets and stray animals.

The dog meat trade has been shown to torture and kill dogs violently. Dogs have been seen being burnt alive, drowned, stabbed and tortured until they die after suffering for along time.

Many stolen cats and dogs are still wearing collars given to them by their owners. Cats and dogs are forced into small cages and will suffer with broken limbs while travelling long distances without food and water.

When arriving starved, dehydrated and exhausted, they are then forced to watch dogs being tortured to death and watch still alive dogs thrown into boiling water to remove the skin.

A festival known as Yulin Dog Meat Festival takes place in June every year in a small City named Yulin in China this is a well known festival however only responsible for a very small amount of the dogs killed in China every year.

After the cameras have left, the meat markets such as Yulin Dog Meat Festival continue all year round with an estimated 10 million dogs and 4 million cats dying every year for consumption of humans in China.

Many family pets are taken from homes, homes which have children and families that care about these animals very much, these dogs and cats have a home where they belong, yet some people are taking them and torturing them until they die.


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