Palm oil, the effects on our world.

Recently Iceland released their 2018 Christmas advert which highlights the impact of deforestation from palm oil and the impact this has orangutans, the advert has been banned by ASA.

This advert has helped raise awareness that many foods and everyday items are responsible for deforestation and death to orangutans.

Recently there has been an orangutan filmed attempting to fight off a group of Loggers destroying its habitat, this orangutan was trying to save its home from being destroyed luckily an organisation were able to rescue this orangutan.

Deforestation has caused the orangutan population to plummet as their habitat is destroyed they are left to starve and die.

In the last 20 years over 3.5 million hectares of Indonesia and Malaysian forests have been destroyed to make way for palm oil plants, almost 80% of the orangutan habitat has disappeared this is the equivalent to the death of 6000 orangutans per year.

How you could help the orangutans-

If you want to save the orangutans you need to use as few products as possible containing palm oil. Even though almost everything contains palm oil Iceland’s own products are now palm oil free however branded products are not guaranteed to be. Iceland want as many people as possible to have a palm oil free Christmas.

It has been estimated between 3.5 billion and 7 billion trees are cut down every year, 200,000 are estimated to be cleared each day, 55,600 every minute.

Deforestation results in lack of habitat for wildlife such as Birds, orangutans, koalas and many others. Deforestation could be seen as accountable for the excess of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. The excess of carbon dioxide is resulting in global warming, another problem with this is that the ice in the antartic is melting stopping animals such as polar bears travelling across.

260 pounds of oxygen can be produced by one tree. 26% of the oxygen in our atmosphere is produced by trees, 70% is produced by marine plants.

However due to global warming our seas are also dying, global warming has been proven to be the reason why our coral reefs are being bleached. Coral reefs could be home to more than 25% of marine life possibly the highest biodiversity of any ecosystem on the planet.

Animals such as dolphins and whales already have multiple threats for their lives. Do we want deforestation to be the reason why we lose multiple species on our lands and in our seas ?


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