The bonus to nature.

Today’s blog is more of a personal blog about some of my amazing experiences and first encounters of some marine life I have had.


On the 1st of November I went to the Farne Islands from sea houses in the UK which is small drive from where I live. The trip we paid for cost £26 for 2 people.

The trip was to see the seal colony at the breeding grounds. We go to our local light house each weekend to try and help prevent the disturbance of grey seals and in some cases common seals ( which are not so common ) with a group of great people who are trying to do the same thing ( St Mary’s seal watch). Preventing disturbance to seals is very important for the daily to cycle can run smooth. Seals must haul out to be able to malt and rest along with other necessary tasks. When this is disturbed it has a chance to harm the seal.

After we got on the boat and had a quick 15 min drive there we got to see hundreds of seals who had all came back for the same reason. To give birth to pups. On each island seals had hauled out all the way up to the grass and we were able to see the little white pups along side.


On the 2nd of November we went back to take pictures as we had nothing else to do and wanted to see weather there would be an equal amount of seals to the day before.

When getting on the boat and setting of we were told dolphins had recently been spotted close to where we were going and would we like to look for them or go straight to the normal tour. Each boat had 11 people on so there was a lot of room to move around and every one on the boat agreed to go and look for dolphins.

After a 15 minute fast dive up to were the dolphins where reported, we spotted a pod of 30-40 dolphins swimming around at the side of our boat. This was the first time I had ever seen this amazing species. However it made me wonder why people are aloud to harm them. Dolphins are very inquisitive and trusting therefore if they trust us why do we allow people to betray them ?

1st pod of dolphins


After the dolphins had began to move away we went to see the seal colony again were we where surprised to see more seals and more seal pups.

When leaving the islands we were told we would be back on land in 15 minutes, about 5 minutes later we were greeted by another pod of friendly dolphins who put on a lovely show from jumping in the air to swimming in what was like a formation.

2nd pod of dolphins



Overall getting to see an amazing species an hour away was amazing it shows us that even though sometimes what may feel like we are fighting for isn’t working, every step is worth it to show what awful things are happening to animals such as dolphins. Fighting for their Freedom and safety is important.

“A life time in captivity, is no life at all.”

I hope to get the chance to see more species of dolphins and I hope to see whales in the future. These animals are wonderful and I have been lucky enough to see them in the wild were they belong. I hope to be able to travel to places were I can see all kinds of animals in the future all free.


Thankyou for reading till the end most blog’s are normally baced on a organisation which is trying to prevent cruelly or something that is or has happened to the animals species that could be helped by humans or is caused by humans.

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