Hunt Saboteurs – fox hunting

The ‘sport’ fox hunting was banned in the UK during 2005.

Fox hounds where originally bread to hunt deer and hares. Fox hounds were not built to be speedy but due to their stamina they are able to kill the fox. They could cross breed these hounds with a faster dog such as a racing dog, alough wouldn’t as it would no longer be classed as a sport if the fox was killed with in a minute.

A pack of hounds may have up to 40 individual dogs or 20 couples – hounds are always counted in pairs if using the hunting terms. These hounds will vary in capability, some are better on grass and others are the road. More hounds will be kept in the kennels so the huntsmen is able to pick who is in the pack each day.

The day before the hunt the hounds are often not fed to heighten their sensibilities. After 6-7 years the hound is normally killed or donated. It has been known for the slaughtered hound to be fed to other hounds.

Different roles / parts to the hunt –

The master

The hunt committee

The Huntsman

The whipper-In


Earth stoppers


The mounted “Fled”

The foot followers

The car supporter

Hunt supporter club

Fixture list


Hunt ball

Pony club

Find out more about these at –

Everyone taking part in the hunt will meet in a easy accessible place such as a pub , normally at 11am. The hunt then moves to the convert which can be some distance from the meet. The hounds are then put into the convert were the huntsmen will encourage the Pack to explore and sniff out foxes.

Once the hound is on the scent the huntsmen will signal to the master using the horn and the field gallops after.

Hunters say that the fox dies quickly with a nip to the neck however it is more likely the fox will suffer agonising pain before the supposed quick nip to the neck.

Fox hunting is often done as foxes are seen as pests and are responsible for spreading disease into farms, killing animals.

Fox hunting was banned because it was a painful way to kill a fox. Along with this during hunts members of the pack of hounds are often hurt and horses are sometimes injured.

Hunt sabatours are people trying to stop animals such as badgers and foxes being killed they are doing this by distracting hounds from scents and trying to save foxes which are being hunted. Along with this they are destroying badger traps and making sure they can no longer be used in the woods to kill badgers and in some cases other animals which get trapped.


If you have never visited this site before thank you for reading to the end. Avoiding extinction is all about environmental issues.

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