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More than 10,000 bears are kept on bile farms held within China. Along with this, official figures put the numbers suffering in Vietnam at about 1,000.

These animals have bile extracted on a regular basis for use in both traditional medicine and in many ordinary household products.

The bile is extracted using multiple painful techniques all of which cause massive infection in bears. This continues even though there are other options that are in most cases more effective.

The moon bear is an endangered species of bear which is being milked for bile as it is said to be a heath tonic in traditional Asian medicine. These bears are kept in small cages were they are starved, dehydrated, drugged, restrained and are stabbed until their gallbladder is punctured to release their bile, this is done with unsterilised needles. Others are milked through open infected wounds.

These bears are pumped full of antibiotics and other drugs to keep them alive. Most develop massive infections, multiple diseases and malignant tumours which will kill them. They will often be then left suffering with wounds to their snout and teeth worn away ( or shattered from biting at the tiny cage bars.) Many also then suffer from their feet being cracked and rotting, having never felt the earth on their feet before. Many of these bears have limbs missing from being trapped in the wild by heavy spring traps that crush their bones.

Most of these bears are permently in small cages, so small some can’t turn, stand or move, some will become sick or old and will be left to starve in these cages.

Most of these bears are moon bears however bears such as sun bears and brown bears are held captive for the same reason. Bear Bile is not needed, there has been 54 herbal alternatives made that can take it’s place.

Animals Asia would like to stop multiple practices such as Bear Bile Farming. Animal Asia provide sanctuaries for the bears rescued from this cruel practice and are working very hard to rescue as many as they can.

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