Dolphin abandoned in Japan

In January 2018 a Japanese aquarium shut down, leaving a female bottle nose dolphin named Honey in a concrete small tank and also leaving around 48 penguins and hundreds of fish.

Honey is a female bottlenose dolphin who was captured in 2005 near Taiji. These animals who have been abandoned are still being fed regularly, however Honey has been seen showing high levels of stress.

Visitors have also said that the penguins have been seen standing on crumbling rocks and structures. Some have even been seen covered in dust and other debris.

Groups such as Rick O’barrys dolphin project and sea shepherd have been monitoring Honey and trying to get here rescued.

Once again this dolphin was from the wild and should not have been taken in the first place . Due to aquariums paying a lot of money for wild animals and the fishermen getting a lot of money this continues. This money is coming from both toxic dolphin meat and live dolphins. In previous years super pods have been found bye these fishermen and after some are taken into captivity the rest are killed.

Pledge not to bye a ticket to see animals like these perform and hundreds of dolphins and whales could be saved because a lot of captive animals have seen there family killed and are now living in concrete tanks and being forced to perform.


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