The Belugas

* short post about captivity and Belugas.

Soon to be born Beluga

The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago has recently announced that Mauyak, one of their Beluga whales is pregnant with a calf which will be due late summer. Mauyak was taken from her family in the wild when she was 2 and has not seen them since. She has travelled between aquariums and has been in the shedd aquarium since 2009.

– Shedd aquarium

Even though we hope the calf is born healthy, wild Belugas can live 50-60 years old were as captive don’t often live till 30.

In Canada at the Vancouver aquarium, 5 young Beluga whales have died in the past 8 years including a mother and daughter. Along with this marine land Canada currently hold about 58 Belugas.



Marine Parks around the world , one known as sea world ( there are many others ) house orca whales which many have been captured in drives such as Taiji and are forced to perform to earn food. Their orcas have been seen with many injuries, many self inflicted.

The captivity industry is allowing animals, many more intelegent than man kind , to be taken from there family’s and put in a concrete tank with no features were they are then forced to perform on a daily basis. This stops them living a free life, these animals should be swimming in the wild not being exploited by human kind.


+ the Beluga whales is the only cousin to the Narwhal

+ Belugas have adapted to live in the rough climates of the arctic.

+ a Beluga free can live from 50-60 years, in captivity most don’t live till 30.


If you are attending dolphin shows and whale shows you are most likely supporting the dolphin drive in Taiji ( slaughter and capture of dolphins/ small whales)

Captivity has been proven to make animals like these go crazy and has in some cases resulted in the animal comiting suicide, Is this really some thing you want to support ?

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