Another win for the whales

Last week during IWC 67 ( international whaling comision) , Japan attempted to make comercial whale hunting leagle. They did this by presenting there evidence of which they have found from killing whales under the term research.

Despite paying nations and insidious tactics the proposal to legalise whaling has once again failed by a vote of 41 to 27 with 2 abstention.

During the IWC meeting Japan threatened to leave the IWC ,which they have said before, as they can not make commercial whaling leagle.

Japan hunt thousands of whales and dolphins every year.

Taiji in Japan- 2018 quota of 2040 dolphins/ small whales. Sea shepherd also have a campaign every year to document the Taiji capture and slaughter ( look at links at the bottom of the page- cove Guardian – Taiji the cove.)

Japan also conduct ” research” on whales in the Antarctica and kill hundreds of whales every year. There have been multiple attempts by sea shepherd to stop this which in some cases have resulted in extreme damage.

During these campaigns there aim is to stop whaling. The Japanese take a fleet of ship’s. The main targets of the fleet are the harpoon ship’s and the nisshin Maru ( factory ship)

After years of these campaigns they have helped save hundreds of whales bye distracting the Japanese fishing men, stopping transfers between harpoon vessels and the factory ship and in some cases made the boats cancel the season early due to sea shepherd being there.

Japanese people are becoming more awere of this and many do not eat it any more. Whale and dolphin meat is highly toxic and is not safe to be consumed.

The only market for it is tourism please never eat in a restaurant that serves whale meat, please leave and explain to the staff polity why you will not eat there.

Iceland murder- this year Iceland began whaling again ! And have a quota of 161 whales + 30 whales due to unused quota last year. This licence is for endangerd fin whales. However, due to observation and live streams by sea shepherd it is believed there has also been a blue whale( which is ileagle) and a hybrid which was not apart of there licence. There for is being looked at after the 100 days of whaling they have the permit for this year.

Other parts of the world that whale are faroe island, Denmark and Norway.

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