Cove Guardian denied entry to Taiji.

Each year, Sea Shepherd volunteers travel to Taiji, Japan to witness and document the capture of wild dolphins for slaughter or captivity.

Disclaimer: there is a very small market for dolphin meat for consumption in Japan. Dolphin meat is highly toxic for humans and many Japanese people no longer consumer dolphin and whale meat. Some disagree with this annual hunt and even protest against it.

On 30 August 2018, Angela Banovic (a veteran cove guardian) attempted to enter Japan so that she could travel to Taiji as a Cove Guardian for Sea Shepherd Operation 404. Angela’s goal was to travel to Taiji to document and expose the slaughter and capture of wild dolphins in the killing cove of Taiji. Angela has been to Taiji twice, she has never broken any laws. She was denied entry because she is a Sea Shepherd volunteer. Angela said “I have been to Taiji Japan twice and have never broken any laws. I have been denied entry simply because I am a Sea Shepherd volunteer. I am only attempting to document the slaughter and capture of wild dolphins in Taiji, such as other similar groups who are allowed entry. This is discrimination”.

When Angela was denied entry to Japan, officially banned from Taiji, Angela was interrogated for a gruelling 5 hours, she was body searched, luggage searched and then placed in a holding cell for 20 hours. She was then finally escorted to a plane for her flight back home, where the flight attendants held onto her passport until she arrived in Australia.

All Sea Shepherd supporters were extremely proud of Angela and are now are keeping track of everything happening in Taiji. Sea Shepherd Operation 404 has a crew on the ground in Taiji and they are live streaming regularly to keep people informed of were the boats are and also checking on the dolphins in pens which have been ignored during the recent typhoon in Japan. The boats are expected to go out at 5 am in Taiji 21:00 UK time.

Japan kill thousands of whales and dolphins each year, however during the six month season starting on the 1st of September each year they are able to kill 2040 dolphins / small whales ( based on 2018 quota)

Swim far, swim free, swim safe

If you buy a ticket to places like Seaworld, you are supporting the dolphin slaughter in Taiji.

To find out more about Taiji


~Good luck to every one out there stay safe~


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