Taiji, the Cove.


Taiji in Japan takes thousands of dolphins a year in to the Cove. Pods of dolphins are scared into the Cove and trapped. Trainers from places such as sea world then get the chance to choose what dolphins they want for captivity the rest of the pod will be killed. Many of these dolphins will die due to stress which is why they feed the dolphins stress medication through fish. Most will be drowned and stabbed if they have not been chosen.

The animals going in to captivity also have a high chance of dying as many may become to stressed and just stop breathing. Captivity causes animals to go crazy and most are depressed resulting in behaviour that could kill them. Many marine animals have been found swimming into walls and injuring them selves.

Many people in Japan were unaware this goes on as it is incredibly hard to get proof of the slaughter due to fishermen not allowing you to film or go any were near were the dolphins are killed. Many Activist are banned from being in Taiji.

The meat coming from dolphins and whales is Toxic and can result in memory loss and birth defects. Some of the fishermen say they do this because they see them as pests as they eat a lot of the fish.

Many wonder how this is aloud with the IWC ( international whaling commission) This is aloud as Japan pay small countries to support them during the IWC meetings.

For 2018 ,From the 1st of September another 2040 dolphins will be killed ( most years this will also include so whales) ….


Some blogs I have read from previous people going to Taiji to help stop this have showed me what things are going on and really how bad it is . Sometimes it is hard to read imagining what is going on, imagine being there knowing all you can do is film it, And having to watch a blue ocean turn red. Being screamed at bye angry fishing men who don’t want you fillming and are responsible for the pain and suffering of so many animals.

During some blogs I was reading calfs from a pod were released after watching there family killed in front of them. Calfs that were probly to young to survive on there own.

Living In the 21st century makes you wonder why these animals aren’t protected. Japan ,Denmark, Norway, Iceland and the faroe islands are all whaling even after this meat has been proven toxic and dangerous.

If this does not stop these animals could become extinct.

Extinction is forever and this is what could happen if this isn’t stopped.

A dead dolphin is worth $400 an alive dolphin going in to captivity can be worth up to $150,000. And all the money results in a animals possibly killing itself and not living a life where it can be free to swim.


Photos from Google – Tiaji

If you are in the UK the 1st of September 6:30 in Taiji is around 31st of August 22:30.


I will be posting every day that Iceland boats come in however if there has not been a post they most likely have not come in today.

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