Are sharks really dangerous ?

Things that kill humans every year

.People think sharks kill humans and eat humans however you are more likely to be hit by lighting then you are to be killed by a shark. Only 5 deaths a year are caused by sharks.

.you may think roller coasters and theme park rider are safe. But these rides kill an average of 6 people a year.

.you would never expect a vending machine to kill you however 13 deaths a year are caused by these machines which can way 270-450 kgs.

.you most likely would not think that more people die every year from ant bites then shark attacks. Ant bites claim a average of 30 people each year.

.jelly fish are responsible for killing 40 people each year even with out having a heart brain or bones.

. At least 60 people a year are killed by tornadoes either these people are sucked up or get hit by the debris.

. Hog dogs are responsible for 70 deaths per year due to choking.

.340 people a year are killed due to bath tub incidents.

. Every one person killed by a shark there are 90 killed from falling out of bed( that’s only the us )! Surprisingly 450 people die each year from falling out of bed in the US alone.

. Black Friday has caused 550 deaths a year due to over crowded shops and people getting kicked around.

.6000 people a year are killed from texting. People may not be paying attention crossing a road or even driving!

.150 people are killed by coconuts every year.

.in 2015 12 people were killed by taking selfies.

So are sharks really that dangerous if all these people die each year and only 5 are due to shark attacks?

Sharks do not attack humans on purpose they are often hunting for seals and don’t realise it isn’t a seal from under water.

Over 100million sharks are killed a year for fins and cartlige and other parts for Chinese medicine. Many sharks suffer painful deaths due to fins being taken of and then ,often still alive shark being thrown back in to drown.

Millions of more sharks are killed every year by humans then humans killed bye sharks.

Sharks are needed to keep to food chain balanced and also they help remove the week and the sick.

Both photos from Google

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