Captivity kills !

It has been proven that animals in captivity suffer large amounts of stress and depression. This is for the entertainment of people. In many places on earth animals are captured from their Natural habitant and taken to be sold to Aquariums.

These animals are taken away from there pod. Animals such as Orca whales and dolphins are the main animals targeted some areas of this trade are good as they are running breeding and release programs to help engaged species. Others are doing this for money and do not care for the animals welfare . In parks such as marine world and sea world animals are kept in tanks which don’t allow them to swim the amount they should be swimming each day.

Orca whales also known as killer whales are in tanks that look like a good size when doing shows but are left in extremely small tanks that they can only just fit in when they are not performing. However the tanks they preform in do not have any objects or enough room to allow them anything to do or enough room to swim as much as they would if they were where they belong.

Animals in captivity die faster then they would in the wild. Animals like killer whales have showed Behaviour that suggests they are going crazy. This is most likely because these animals need space and they are not meant to be exploited for human entertainment. In many parks were these animals are kept ex-trainers have admitted they were told they were not allowed to feed the animal unless it did what it was told which could leave the animal to starve.

These tanks could be used for rescuing and rehabilitating animals such as injured orcas and dolphins instead of using them for show and to manipulate animals. Instead of having them in a area were they go crazy and are most likely traumatised as they have been taken away from there family’s and pods. These places could be using there “space ” for better things that could result in saving a species from extinction.

Animals like these can be seen in the wild. In a happy place were they are free.


156 orcas have been taken into captivity from the wild since 1961. Now 129 of them are dead at least 165 orcas have died overall in captivity not including 30 miscarried or still -born calves.

In the wild orcas do not have bent dorsal fins however in captivity they do bent dorsal fins show they are depressed, bored or in poor health.

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