Iceland whale agin !

Wednesday, the 8th of August 2018

Most countries stopped whaling a long time ago. However during June a man in Iceland was aloud to begin whaling agin in Icelandic waters. The company Hvalur H/F hunt fin whales and at the moment only have 2 boats as two were previously sunk in a sea shepherd campaign in 1986. Now only Hvalur 8 and Hvalur 9 are left floating . Both of these boats are able to bring back two fin whales at a time meaning they are able to have 4 whales killed and processed in a single day. Each whale can take up to two hours to be fully processed. This company have a quota of 191 whales this season. This season started on the 21st of June and is due to end early October. The original quota was 161 but 30 were added from the unused quota in 2017. Hvalur 9 has a reputation for mechanical Failures and was left a drift with no power.

Do Iceland eat whale meat ?

Iceland do not keep most of this whale meat and it will be shipped to Japan. Although a small amount will go to Businesses who will sell it in there restaurants in Iceland. If traveling to Iceland it is recommended you eat in restaurants which do not serve whale meat. Most restaurants not serving whale meat May have a sticker saying we are whale friendly. Don’t let this put you of visiting Iceland as Iceland have great whale watching exhibitions to go on during your stay. Whale meat is toxic due to high levels of Mercury and over toxin.

Is this illegal ? How can they kill endangered animals?

In Iceland whaling fin whales is not illegal even though they are an engaged species in Iceland it is not against the law. The company Hvalur H/F were given a license to Whale from two parts of the government in Iceland who are pro whaling as it is a coalition government consisting of 3 party’s . Allowing them to whale for 100 days in the year.

This company have also been responsible for a whale to suffer an extremely painful death.

This whale was shot in the fin not killing it, after the ship crew dragged the whale backwards causing to drown.

Another whale the company brought back was extremely bloated due to decomposition when bringing the whale to the station. 66 fin whales and one whale which is believed to be a Blue whale have been killed (whale 22) and this is still continuing.

The government could stop this today or tomorrow please go to sea shepherd uk face book to find out the best place to email.

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